Volunteers are the essence of FMNGCA.  We rely on a passionate network of volunteers who are eager to have a positive impact in a child or teen’s life.

The death of someone special can be a huge disruption for young people, and sometimes the simple presence of a caring adult makes all the difference. This is where volunteers play an enormous role. Our volunteers are trained to be calm listeners who can create a safe space for healthy healing.

There is absolutely no way we could provide support for so many grieving children and families without the time, energy, and heart that our volunteers so generously donate. We value having a diverse group of volunteers from all walks of life experience. With our volunteers and program participants, we will never discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation or education.

Program Meeting Dates:

  • 2x monthly on Thursdays
  • We follow the ASD calendar, meaning we break for holidays and summer

Program Night Details for Volunteers:

  • 6PM – 9PM
  • We ask that volunteers commit to at least one year of service with FMNGCA
  • Cost: Volunteers are asked to pay for background checks. If cost is a barrier, please contact us for assistance.

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For volunteer opportunities, please contact us to get started:


Become a Volunteer Group Facilitator:

Volunteer Facilitators play a crucial role in ensuring access to our bereavement program. Facilitators offer skilled support of children, teens, and adults who are grieving a death. Under the supervision of program leaders , facilitators create the safe space for grieving children and teens.

New volunteers are required to complete a 15-hour training. Additional training and/or conversations may be needed on a case-by-case basis.

Our training is specifically suited to prepare volunteers to support grieving children, teens, and adults as a part of our program. Other services or professionals are welcome to attend our training, and FMNGCA will request a donation to support time and materials needed to provide the training.

We ask our volunteers to commit to at least one year with the program, and to prioritize program nights when scheduling other parts of life. In return, you’ll join our effort to create a healthier community and watch meaningful change happen right in front of you.


What We Ask:

  • A one-year commitment to the program. This is approximately 3 ½ hours, twice a month. This commitment helps create necessary safety and continuity for the children, teens, and adults in our groups.
  • Facilitators must complete 15 hours of training. Contact us for training schedule.

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The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska

The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska is a non-profit organization in Anchorage offering free community-based grief support, with a focus on children and teens.