Our Services:

“We heal together.”

FMNGCA offers free-of-charge support groups for children, teens, and families who are grieving the death of loved ones.

Program Meeting Dates:

  • 2x monthly on Thursdays, 6:30 – 8PM
  • We follow the ASD calendar meaning we break for holidays and summer

Peer-driven grief support

Grief, by nature, is partly a communal process and experience. That is why the core of FMNGCA is peer-driven grief support groups for children and teens.

These group meetings happen twice a month on, what we refer to as, “program nights”. Participants are put into groups based on age and developmental stage. Trained volunteers facilitate the groups to support healthy grief and coping.

When faced with grief, we do not want financial constraints to be a reason you do not seek out support. That is why our support services are offered free of charge.

We want to be clear – our programs are not therapy.  FMNGCA services are for the purposes of supporting participants through normal grief. Our services are not therapeutic interventions, which is sometimes needed by grieving individuals to cope with the effects of grief.

Interested in our services?

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact FMNGCA for an initial conversation. These conversations will be scheduled to assess your family’s needs and provide an orientation to the program. After confirmation to the program, families can begin attending program nights, joining the community of others all healing together.

To schedule an initial conversation, please email forgetmenot.griefcenter@gmail.com. We look forward to inviting you into this space.


Let's heal together. Schedule an initial conversation,
we would love to support you and your family.

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The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska

The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska is a non-profit organization in Anchorage offering free community-based grief support, with a focus on children and teens.