About Us

FMNGCA is a non-profit in Anchorage, with a mission to offer free community-based grief support with a focus on children and teens.

Our Mission

“By supporting those grieving a death, especially children & teens, we are building a healthier community.”


Our Board


Rena Queja 

Rena is a master’s level social worker who has worked with children for more than 30 years, to provide support with learning disabilities, behavior challenges and grief. She has also worked with families that have a significant loved one with a long-term illness or who are on Hospice care.

Rena gained additional training from the Dougy Center, the nation’s leader in children’s grief. She is currently a supervisor of Providence Cancer Center Patient Navigation, offering adults support through their cancer journey, which may include family support.


Jane Barber 

Jane is currently a school counselor with Anchorage School District (ASD) and has direct experience running a children’s grief support program.

Formerly, Jane was the director of Hospice of Anchorage.



Nathan Rogers 

Nathan comes to FMNGCA with over 10 years of experience working in areas of grief, death and dying. Most recently, he ran an adult grief support program for Providence Hospice until taking a new position within Providence in 2021.

A board-certified chaplain, he hold specialty certifications in grief and thanatology.

History of FMNGCA

In 2018, the closure of the Forget Me Not children’s grief support program, run by Hospice of Anchorage, left an undeniable hole in the Anchorage community.

During its 10+ years of service to the community, the program thrived and served many families experiencing loss and grief. The program was distinctly unique, which added to the loss.

With Alaska’s high rates of depression, suicide, addiction, and domestic abuse, Anchorage communities have an enormous need for accessible grief support for our young people. Yet, there were no services.

The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska was formed as a direct response to this enormous need. In April of 2019, a group of professionals came together to found the Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska.

With great energy and excitement, plans were made to train volunteers and open mid-2020. These plans were quickly halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resistance they met, however, did not stop the vision.

Board members continued to move forward to obtain federal non-profit status as a recognized 501(c)3. And in January of 2022, FMNGCA opened its doors to provide grief support services to children, teens, and those who need it most.

The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska

The Forget Me Not Grief Center of Alaska is a non-profit organization in Anchorage offering free community-based grief support, with a focus on children and teens.